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The Breed

Dewdrop at 3 months already posing!

Coopworths originated in New Zealand after WWII. They were bred to be a hardy, dual-purpose breed with high lambing percentages, good mothering abilities, heavy fleece and high quality meat. The fleeces average 8-13 pounds, and the fiber tends to be in the 44-48s range.

We keep an eye to breeding for color, but we also have white sheep in our flock. Their fleeces really show up the lustrous aspect that is a Coopworth fleeces. In addition to breeding for color, we carefully choose our replacement ewes for their mothering and lamb rearing abilities.

Dewdrop above shows off her pretty face with the "teardrops" that indicate she carries "the blue gene" (influences fleece color, leaning toward the blue end of gray). Coopworths are a polled breed (no horns) and have fleeceless faces. Their ears are usually almost horizontal to the ground, giving them a look quite different from that of many other sheep breeds.

To get a more detailed understanding of the Coopworth breed, the following are some good links: