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Our LaMancha Dairy Goats

We love our LaMancha dairy goats! They have definitely livened up the farm and are very sweet. We regularly keep about 3-4 proven milkers. Currently we have 4 adult does, SnowPea, Pippi, Elf and Zelda.

The does are usually dry from about January 1st until they kid in March. (This year - 2013 - we have just now dried off the does). We keep detailed milking records and have been very impressed by the girls' production. During the season I keep very busy making chevre and a few other types of cheese. We love it! Our piggies like the excess and the whey that we don't use, too :*)

We will be kidding in early June. Call us for more information if you are interested in our kids.

Take a look at the wonderful Goat Milk Soap that we are now selling!

Even though the winter dumped a ton of snow on us a few years back (kinda like this winter of February 2013!), the goats had a great time playing outside as well as spending some time in their greenhouse :*)

About LaMancha dairy goats

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